Band is a class that is offered from 3rd grade through 8th grade. Students are taught to read music while playing a band instrument of their own choosing. Students perform two concerts during the course of the school year. Band is lead by Eric Stoneking.


Choir is a class offered in 3rd grade. Students are given vocal direction in sacred music, popular music and seasonal songs. The fall concert includes many traditional Christmas songs and hymns. The choir participates in the spring concert. In 2018 they did a Disney medley.

Voice coaching is available for those interested in solos for performance during the either of the concerts. Contemporary Christian songs are performed once each semester for Chapel services.

Music appreciation

Music appreciation is offered starting in 3rd grade as an alternative to band or choir during the music hour. Students study music theory, historical movements in history, and famous composers and musicians.

Spring Musical

Spring Musical: Pre-k to 5th grade students participate in a Christian-themed musical with singing, dancing and acting. Our 2019 Spring Production was Malace in the Palace (story of Esther).