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At Immanuel we recognize that middle school students are at a challenging stage of life.

Our mission is to have your child realize that they are a special individual that is loved and cared for by their classmates, teachers, and most importantly by God.

We will equip your child with the knowledge base, excellent study skills, and a desire to learn necessary to successfully transition from middle school to high school and beyond. Your child will learn personal responsibility, accountability, Christian character day by day in an academically challenging environment.

Immanuel Lutheran middle school students stand out from the crowd. These students are often complimented on their outstanding behavior and attitude outside of school. They are the kind of kids you want your kids to have as friends!

As students move through middle school they learn the skills of general math, algebra and geometric concepts. Your child can complete algebra 1 by the end of their 8th grade year.

In language arts your child will study basic grammar, composition and various types of writing genres. They will also study short stories, poetry, novels and other forms of literature.

Through the study of Social Studies your child will appreciate their place as children of God in the world around them They will explore the world’s geography, the history of the United States and of the State of New Mexico.

Your child will also study God’s great creation by investigating the scientific principals of earth science, life science, and physical science.

Fine arts continue in the middle grades as an important part of your child’s education, through band, music appreciation, and visual arts. Your child will participate with all their classmates in the annual Christmas musical and be a part of the Spring art show.

Technology is integrated into all parts of your child’s middle school education.

Your child will also receive physical education and Spanish during their middle school years.