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Christian Character for Life
Students will….

Seek to grow in God’s love Grow in their God given talents Be community minded Volunteer in school Respect teachers and parents Respect themselves Respect their classmates Learn to pray continuously for others Exhibit self control Know and believe that God forgives
Grow in love as they serve Jesus and one another Give in service to their family, church and community Know hard work pays off Share the gospel truth with friends and family Live a life of praise and worship
Walk a path of light with God’s guidance Reflect God’s love with integrity, character and unshakable values Take an interest in others and participates in their learning Display the Fruits of the Spirit in their daily interactions.

Challenging Academics
Students will….

Pursue individualized education Research topics using a variety of resources Believe they can make a significant difference for the good Be actively engaged and challenged on their independent learning level Develop strong oral and written communication skills Participate in cross grade level learning activities Guide their own education to pursue knowledge, truth and discernment Listen to one another
Learn to identify and solve real-world problems Be creative thinkers and problem solvers Develop fluency in research in our modern information age, becoming deep and wise thinkers and researchers Take responsibility for their education Have a global perspective on the challenges and opportunities in the world Become highly motivated life-long learners View life and education with a Biblical worldview Be prepared for future levels of higher education.

Develop Effective Relationships
Students will….

Develop their skills as musicians, artists, athletes and readers, mathematicians Strengthen their communication skills Learn to be compassionate Enjoy laughing with their friends Succeed in what they love to do Develop the skill of working as cross grade level buddies Celebrate traditions Develop leadership skills Enhance their problem-solving skills Be observed talking through their problems Develop the skill of sharing knowledge with younger students Value the ability to listen and incorporate others’ ideas Enhance their self-esteem Learn to be good partners Treat others with respect, trust, and dignity Develop the skill of working with others and different groups Participate in community service projects Learn how to work successfully with others.