Academic Competitions

Learning at Immanuel is not limited to the classroom.

We offer your child a wide variety of opportunities to participate in academic competitions that challenge and engage them in learning beyond the classroom and encourages them to learn how to be independent learners. The following contests/exhibitions occur on an annual basis: Math Counts, Education Fair, Spelling Bee, and Geography Bee. 

Whether in or out of the classroom our goal at Immanuel is to help your child find ways to excel and learn to lead.

Math Counts

Math Counts is open to students in grades 7–8 and is an interscholastic competition which challenges student’s higher math and problem solving skills. The math counts team participates in a regional competition in the spring and teams or individuals can move on to the state competition.

Science Fair

Each year students in 4th, 6th, and 8th grade prepare a science fair project that teaches them to work independently, utilize the scientific process, and see how science relates to God’s creation. This project is entered in the school science fair in January. Winners of the school science fair move on to the regional science fair and if they are recognized at the regional competition they can qualify for the state science fair. Immanuel has regularly had students qualify for the NM state science fair.

National History Day (NHD)

The National History Day competition is open to students in 7th and 8th grade. Each year the NHD provides a theme that students research independently and prepare a display project, a research paper, a website, a video project, or play that focuses on the theme. Students are encouraged to investigate how the theme relates to their lives as Christians.

Winners in each category of the school National History Day competition move on to regional-state competitions. Winners at the state competition are eligible to participate in the national competition in Washington D.C. Immanuel has had 3-students qualify for the national competition.

Geography Bee

The school geography bee is open to students in 4th-8th grade. Classroom bees determine the two representatives from each class. The classroom winners are provided resources that they can use in preparation for the school bee, utilizing the study skills they learn in the classroom. The school bee winner must take a qualifying test for the state competition. The Immanuel Lutheran School winner has qualified for the state competition nine of the last ten years.

Spelling Bees

Immanuel students in 1st through 8th grade compete in two spelling bees annually.

Immanuel School Spelling Bee

The ILS Bee is held each year in November and two students from each class qualify through classroom bees. The students must study independently for the bee and learn to compete in front of an audience of parents and students. The top two finishers qualify for the district spelling bee.

Albuquerque Lutheran Schools Spelling Bee

Students in 1st through 8th grade also compete in the Albuquerque Lutheran Schools Spelling Bee. Students are given a list of words to study independently in preparation for the bee but also are given words that are not included on the list that challenges their vocabulary. Students demonstrate both written and oral spelling skills.