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Kindergarten-Second Grade Curriculum

These first years are an important time in your child’s educational career!

The primary grades set the foundation for your child’s future success in terms of the Christian character, development of skills, and academic growth. With that in mind, our teachers share God’s word with your child daily while also equipping them with the reading, writing and math skills they will need to achieve success. 

Daily instruction in mathematics using Saxon Math includes the use of manipulatives and model drawings to develop knowledge of basic number facts and mathematical problem solving procedures. 

Computer lab time teaches kids to navigate God’s wonderful word, and online math programs enhance the math in the classroom.

Your child will learn and use phonics as a precursor to reading, and utilize grammar skills to develop their writing ability. Bible study and music are part of your child’s daily routine.

Learn more about the foundation of your child’s education from our principal and kindergarten teacher. Click HERE

Third to Fifth Grade Curriculum

Your child will expand on the foundation of Christian character that has been caught through loving, caring Christian teachers.

Taking a look at the world around them, your child will take a closer look at at their place in the city, state and country. They will expand their reading selections and begin to respond to it through writing, discussion and personal reflection. Your child will also learn the skill of cursive writing.

They will grow in their understanding and proficiency of basic math concepts while learning to interpret and problem solve. In science and social studies they will develop their reasoning and problem solving skills.

Beginning in third grade your child is introduced to instrumental music as well as singing and music appreciation.

In these intermediate grades they become proficient in keyboarding and the use of word processing programs and appropriate internet searches.