Clubs and Special Activities

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  • Band and choir are a part of the weekly class schedule, twice a week.
  • Physical education is available for every student twice a week
  • After school sports teams are available for 1st grade -8th grade
  • Youth Groups meet monthly for 3rd – 8th grade
  • Library and computer lab used either daily or weekly depending on grade level of your child

Math Counts

Advances math instruction creatively with higher level math instruction and fun competitions. Students are led with math inquiry, explorations and problem sets to be eligible for state competitions of Math Counts.

Yearbook Club

Promotes digital art form in the creation of the school yearbook. Students are given real tasks in planning, layout design, and coordination with school groups to comprise the school’s yearbook including grade level pages, theme pages, sports, clubs, and special event pages.

Student Council

Begins in 5th grade. Student representatives are voted into council by their peers in their own grades. Student council is responsible for meeting with the principal regularly to manage projects, learn leadership skills and promote student involvement in extracurricular activities. Council takes a trip to the state capitol with the principal.

The student council organizes pep rallies, Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser, leads a Chapel service, and facilitates student clubs and their sponsors.

Student Council addresses student interests by seeking out sponsors and managing schedules for clubs and interest groups.

Examples of Student Council sponsored Clubs are below. (clubs may vary from year to year based on student interest and sponsor availability.)

Lego Club

Inspires young students’ imagination with LEGO blocks provided. This club explores non-academic ways to excel and problem solve, improves fine motor skills, and creates an environment where students’ creativity blossoms.

Cooking Club

Feeds the interest of students in culinary arts. Students are taught basics in cooking and baking with adult supervision. Different culinary delights are prepared during each meeting and students sample their own creations.

Gardening Club

Provides a small plot for the care of ornamental and agricultural plants. Students learn the knowledge of planting and the discipline for caring for living plants and soil.

Chess Club

Challenges students in strategy and tactics. Students are taught basic moves in chess through advanced strategies. Traditional chess competition teaches students to concentrate, think logically, spot patterns and overcome obstacles.

Fitness Club

Motivates students to achieve and maintain strong and healthy bodies and minds with physical activity. An additional goal is to provide students the means to monitor and continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

Reading Club

Fosters life-long love of reading with basic discussions of literacy in a social setting. Students are introduced to various genres of literature creating discussions of plot elements, author’s craft, and themes that reflect real life.

Coding Club

Develops students’ interests in technology into productive digital skills. Students are taught basics in programming and computer science focusing young minds on the digital literacies of tomorrow in an exciting after school setting.

Entrepreneur Club and ART Club

Creatively led by award winning Albuquerque artist Sean Wells. Various art mediums are studied and explored encouraging students to find dynamic expression in art. Wells also assists students in viewing their art skills as an ability to generate cash flow and establish a presence in the art community.