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Many families find themselves looking for a new school in the middle of a year for a variety of reasons. These reasons could include:

  • Dissatisfied with online learnig
  • A move to a new city
  • A desire for stronger academics
  • A need for a safe place, socially, for your child
  • Dissatisfaction with the absence of Jesus from your present school’s curriculum

Immanuel Lutheran School is a wonderful landing place for many students who find themselves needing to change schools in the middle of the year. We are especially strong at integrating students and parents into our community. Some of the successes we have seen are because of the following:

  • With Christ at the center of our school, His love flows from our teachers and students.
  • Our academics are excellent, but we also know how to support a variety of learners.
  • Though “kids will be kids,” our attention to developing peacemakers means that our students are growing in the skills of care and concern for others.
  • Our low student to teacher ratio (13 to 1 average) enables us to see each student as an individual, made in God’s image.
  • Our before and after school program begins at 7:00 a.m. and stays open until 5:30p.m. Students are given meaningful activities and purposeful play to exercise mind, body, and soul. Our rates are very reasonable to provide our working families with a positive and affordable option.
  • We make transfer easy and we welcome your entire family with open arms.

In most cases, parents are concerned that their children will fit in academically and socially.

We pride ourselves in being a strong academic school that also supports a broad spectrum of students. This care of the individual child spills over to our student population as they learn to treat others with kindness and understanding. Come for a visit, whether on our website or in person. We are certain you will find a home at ILS. The first step is an Educational Success Consultation with our Principal, Mr. Mike Brandonl.