Educational Success Consultation



All children have unique strengths, and unique needs. At Immanuel Lutheran, we listen, and we care.


During your free, 1-hour consultation, meet with our principal, Mike Brandon. We listen to your hopes, fears, goals and aspirations for your child and seek to find ways we can help you make the best decision for your child’s educational future and success.

Mr. Brandon graduated from Concordia College in Austin, Texas. He subsequently earned a masters degree from Western Governors University in San Antonio, Texas, with a major in learning and technology.  In addition, he has completed the Lutheran School Leadership Development (SLED) certification. He has over 16 years in Lutheran Education. 

During business hours.

To schedule your Educational Success Consultation, call 505-243-2589.

After hours

Use the form below to set up a meeting with our Principal,  Mr. Brandon


  1. Call the office and schedule a FREE, no obligation Educational Success Consultation with our principal, Mike Brandon.
  2. Visit Immanuel’s campus virtually, via zoom (or in person), and discuss Christian character and academic success for your child with Mr. Mike Brandon.
  3. Tour the campus and ask questions to our admissions counselor, Michelle Aragon
  4. Receive admission packet and forms to be completed
  5. After you have been admitted you will receive a link to set up online payments and/or apply for financial aid through  FACTS