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Confidence flows from competence. Conscientiousness flows from correction.  Christian Character is caught more than taught.

Recognizing these timeless truths at Immanuel Lutheran we will equip your child with the knowledge base, self-control, study skills and a desire to learn necessary to transition from preschool, through elementary and middle school and into the rest of their lives. Immanuel Lutheran School is a Christian school, located near downtown (I-25 and Central) and has been a part of the Albuquerque community since 1924.

Your child will be loved and cared for by their classmates, Christian teachers, and most importantly, by God. ILS will encourage and promote intellectual growth of your child in a Christ-centered environment

Caring, respectful attitudes among students, parents, faculty and and staff is promoted.

Responsibility and accountability among students, parents, faculty and community are encouraged.

At Immanuel Lutheran School we are – Teaching a Changeless Christ to a Changing World.

We are a Christian school near downtown Albuquerque here to serve you and your child!