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Immanuel Lutheran School students are Panthers

Panthers are honorable. Panthers seek to grow in God’s love. Panthers celebrate traditions. Panthers are family. Panthers seek to understand.

Panthers are good listeners. Panthers take comfort in God. Panthers respect their teachers and parents. Panthers enjoy laughing with their friends. Panthers grow in their God given talents.

Panthers see themselves as Christians in the world. Panthers are good neighbors. Panthers comfort their friends. Panthers take care of each other. Panthers take responsibility for their education.

Panthers are servants. Panthers give in service to their family, church and community. Panthers are respected in their community. Panthers know hard work pays off. Panthers are good sportsmen and sportswomen.

Panthers are prepared for what the world offers. Panthers are competitive. Panthers are doers. Panthers are creative thinkers. Panthers are problem solvers. Panthers are friends. Panthers are explorers of their community and their world.

Panthers are inventive. Panthers are full of heart. Panthers succeed in what they love to do. Panthers are for each other. For Panthers, community is everything.

Panthers are scholars. Panthers are musicians. Panthers are artists. Panthers are athletes. Panthers are readers. Panthers are mathematicians. Panthers are respectful.

Panthers are responsible. Panthers seek to make an impact on the world around them. Panthers seek to learn more about God. Panthers walk a path of light with God’s guidance. Panthers reflect God’s love with integrity, character and unshakable values.

Panthers are challenge-seekers. Panthers value a challenging academic environment. Panthers guide their own education to pursue knowledge, truth and discernment.