Karen Ruth

What do you love about teaching at Immanuel? 
I love teaching at Immanuel because my peers are true professional educators and they walk with God. They have a great sense of duty but are fun loving and creative.  The students are polite, respectful and are focused on learning. The families at Immanuel chose the school because of the reputation, with high standards of excellence. Yet there is a great family atmosphere,  the children in my class have been together since preschool. This is a place where forgiveness, kindness, compassion are stressed as is discipline, recognition of authority and following the rules.

What does Immanuel Lutheran mean to you?
As I have listened to people in the community speak of Immanuel and there is general agreement that the rich long history of academic excellence, staff loyalty and the  longevity of the administrative leadership prove that the mission of the organization has lasted the test and rigors of time. The accreditation process keeps the staff and leadership engaged in honest program evaluation and provides a format to make timely adjustments to plans and policies. The school board is  willing to pursue staff development to meet future needs. The use of funds to bring in experts in marketing and outreach show there is foresight and the school is on a good course for future success. This means that the school and church have worked well to maintain the respect and admiration of the community and are true to the mission God, has directed for them.

What does following Jesus mean to you?
Jesus is a part of our classroom in so many ways besides him having his own desk.  I trust in Him. He answers our prayers and the Bible is our first guide in all things.  Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies all are referred to in scripture. We have been blessed with forgiveness and a promise of heaven to be with Him.  What a powerful thing I get to share with others. It is a blessing to share Jesus with His children. As a teacher I am bound by one of the few verses that warn me to not lead little ones to stray, which I have always taken to heart and view my position as a trust from God, not to mess up.