Wendy Dillon

3rd Grade Teacher

What does Immanuel Lutheran mean to you?                                                          Immanuel Lutheran School is such a blessing to me and my entire family! This ministry has loved me, my husband, our sons, and now, my grandchildren. I have genuine and loving relationships with so many generations of Immanuel people. It is my family, my home.

What is your favorite part about teaching?        
      My favorite part about teaching is watching students grow and develop. What a blessing it is to learn and grow with them! I get to witness them becoming stronger and more resilient in their education and faith walks as well. My students remind me that there is so much joy and wonder in learning.

What do you like to do in your spare time?                                                                I enjoy spending time with my family, especially reading and playing with my grandchildren. My personal interests also include gardening, reading, and arts and crafts. Recently I have added multiple home renovations and decorating projects, and learning to train our one-year-old Irish O’doodle, Huckleberry.