October 5, 2020

                                    Wallschlaeger’s Weekly

Dear First Grade Parents,                                                 Oct. 5, 2020

We welcomed Cash, a new student to our classroom this past week. The boys are excited that we finally added a new boy to the classroom. We now have 13 students in our classroom.

We begin this week reopening the school library.  Students in small groups will be going to the library to check out books. Students can count the books they check out for their free reading assignments.  Also, if you run out of new books at home to read, let me know and I can send home books from school for your child to read.

This week in language we begin learning about adjectives. In our writing activities we will be adding adjectives. In your conversations with your child this week, have your child listen for adjectives.

          Next week is fall break.  Since next week is a short week there will be no new Spelling words and no Memory.  This will be the last Parent Letter until the following Monday. I hope all of you have a restful and enjoyable break.  God bless your week and your fall break1


                                                                                 Mrs. Wallschlaeger

Important Dates to remember for October:

October 14- End of First Quarter

Oct. 15-16- Fall Break (No School)

Oct. 20- Picture Day

Oct. 23- Report Cards Issued

October 29-30- Parent/Teacher Conferences (Noon dismissal)

This Week’s Spelling words:

ship      fish      then      shut      with      rush      shell      shop      trash      thin   Bonus: want, good

This Week’s Memory:

Due Wed.

Third Commandment

Remember the Sabbath day by keeping in holy.

Due Fri.

The Fourth Commandment

Honor your father and your mother.