September 14, 2020

                                      Wallschlaeger’s Weekly

Dear Second Grade Parents,                                            Sept. 14, 2020

This week in Science we continue studying insects. We had some interesting insects that came to visit our classroom last Friday. In Bible class this week we will be continuing the story of Joseph. In math we are learning to count money and learning about place value. Last week in language we started learning about verbs. This week we have more lessons on verbs. We are going to work on when to put s at the end of the verb.  All of our spelling words this week are verbs, some with s’s and some without.

We welcome a new student to our classroom this week.  Bailey iscoming on Monday to join our classroom. We pray that she has a good first day of school.

We now have 12 students in First Grade. You are welcome to bring birthday treats for your child’s birthday. Just remember it must be individually wrapped and store bought. I also appreciate when you tell me ahead of time that you are bringing treats. It helps me prepare to shorten a class so we can celebrate the birthday and have time for treats.

May God be with you this week.  Have a great week!


                                                        Mrs. Wallschlaeger

This week’s Memory:

Due Wed.

“The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.”  Hebrews 13:6

Due. Fri.

 “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Matthew 22:39

This week’s Spelling words:

nap      naps      sit      sits      win       wins      fit      fits      hit      hits

Bonus: her, too