September 8-11

Wallschlaeger’s Weekly

                                                                                      Sept. 8, 2020

Dear First Grade Parents,

          This week in Bible Class we will be studying Joseph the son of Jacob and how he was sold into slavery. He ended up in Egypt far away from his family.  In the end God used Joseph to save his family from famine. The story reminds us that God is with us even in bad situations.  We also learn that all things work together for the good of those who love Him.  Romans 8:28

           In Science we finished our unit on plants.  This week we are starting a new unit on insects.  For show and tell your child may bring in an insect to display in class. Try to find an unusual or interesting insect to bring in. Please put the insect in a container that is escape proof. If the insect is alive, put food in the container and the ability to get air. Show and tell will be on Friday if your child chooses to participate.

          Your child will be bringing a reading assignment home every day, except for Fridays.  Please make sure to sign the slip so that I know that your child read their assignment. Since it is a short week, please study a little each night and help your child prepare for Friday’s spelling test.

I hope you have a nice restful Labor Day weekend!  May God bless the rest of your week!


                                                          Mrs. Wallschlaeger

(Due Fri. or sooner)

I trust in You, O Lord; I say, “You are my God.:  Psalm 31:14

This week’s Spelling words:

mom      hot      hop      pot      pop      ox      lock      mop      got      rock

Bonus: help, use