This Week’s Chapel

Chapel: Parents are always invited to join us each week for chapel starting at 8:35-9:05 in the church. There will be seats available in the front (the choir area) or the very last row of chairs on either side in the back of church. Mr. Pflieger spoke to us about the Super Blue Blood Moon and how rare an event this is. He also spoke about how this is a part of God’s great creation and as Christians we praise God for his actions in our lives and share the message of His salvation with others. We also want to thank 6th grade for singing during the offering. The 1st grade will lead chapel on Wednesday, March 7 they will also sing during the offering.

Chapel Offering: The 3rd quarter offering will go to the Bethesda Lutheran Communities. Bethesda Lutheran Communities provide an array of services that include homes, day programs, employment supports, faith supports, camps and educational supports to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Fourth and Fifth grade will be promoting this offering project.

Prayer Corner: We pray for healing for Collin Anderson who had surgery last Friday. We pray God’s blessing on the Bethesda Communities mission and the work they do helping those who are mentally challenged. We pray for all our ILS students who are ill. We pray God’s blessings on all of our ILS students and families.

Student of the Week: Each Wednesday at the end of chapel we recognize a student from every class for their accomplishments and unique abilities. Students are given a Student of the Week ribbon and are recognized by their teacher. This week our students of the week include: 1st Alexys McIntosh, 2nd Sydney Harris, 3rd Noah Del Rivero, 4th Regan Wilham, 6th Sixth Grade Class, 7th Aaliyah Dineyazzie, and 8th Chrystal Cook. Congratulations to all of our Students of the Week!