Play It Forward!

The Church Council of Immanuel Lutheran Church is recommending a fundraiser to remodel the ILS gym. This project would include a new floor, better lighting, new glass backboards, new padding for both ends of the gym, repair of the bleachers, painting the gym, and moving the court 2-3 feet to the south to provide more space along the bleachers. The project is projected to cost about $100,000. The fundraiser is slated to begin in January, but if any of our ILS families would be interested in making a donation toward the project in December we would encourage you to do so. The donation  toward the gym project would be considered tax deductible, and we would provide you with a letter to verify the donation. The goal is to complete the work on the gym during the summer of 2014 and be ready for the 2014-2015 school year.

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