In these difficult economic times, we have a number of families who desperately want their children to have a Christian education. These families cannot meet the cost of full tuition. The Adopt-A-Student program is a way that you can help support these families and give them the opportunity to send their children to ILS. It has been our experience that by helping these families who are in need that our gifts are returned many-fold in the future by these very same families. Please consider supporting this important program with a contribution — any amount is life-changing!

Dear Immanuel Lutheran,
We want to THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. I cannot believe how we’ve been blessed by you. We are so excited to join you for 6th grade. When I opened the letter that you sent, I cried and cried, blessed beyond what we, I, imagined. Thank you. We knew our child had to be there but we were just not sure how we were going to pay for the schooling. So, like most praying parents, I prayed to the Lord and asked for help. WOW — did he help us!

My husband was so grateful; he is the only one working while I go to UNM. I get no funding from school and we have four kids and lots of bills, but we knew we had no other choices for our daughter. She’s at an age that will influence the rest of her life. You have made a difference in ours. I am forever grateful!!!

I am speechless, and for me that does not happen often. All I can say right now is THANK-YOU!
ILS Family