Art is the exploration and appreciation of the world created by God the Father. Students will learn to express themselves through sensory methods that communicate thought, appreciate differences, and give praise to God.

Art Broad Goals

 From a Christ-Centered Perspective, Students Will:

  1. Learn and develop skills and meet technical demands unique to the visual arts.
  2. Use art to express ideas.
  3. Integrate their understanding of the visual arts by seeking connections and parallels with their beliefs, other arts disciplines, as well as other content areas.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of the creative process.
  5. Observe, discuss, analyze and make critical judgments about various artistic works.
  6. Show increased awareness of religion, peoples, and cultures through the visual arts.
  7. Demonstrate knowledge about how technology and invention have historically influenced artists and offered new possibilities for expression.
  8. Contribute to communities by sharing expertise in the visual arts and by participating in the activities of cultural institutions.

Art Curriculum Resources:

  1. Hands on Learning Art Kits and Teacher Resource.art042
    • Drawing Unit
    • Southwestern Art Unit
    • Elements of Design
    • Painting
  2. Art Everywhere, Harcourt Brace, 2001.
  3. Children and their Art, Harcourt Brace, 2001.

Art Curriculum Resources:

  1. Handbook of Arts and Crafts, McGraw Hill, 2001.
  2. Introduction to Studio Art.
  3. Book of Artists and Prints Resource.
  4. Picture Writing-Instructional Materials, Center for the Advancement of Art Based Literacy-University of New Hampshire.
  5. Kidpix-Software program.