Spanish is taught in grades 7th and 8th. The curriculum covers communication (conversational, written, and spoken), a knowledge and understanding of Spanish-speaking cultures, connection with other disciplines and distinctive viewpoints, insight into the nature of language and culture, and participation in multilingual communities at home and around the world.

Music, Band, and Choir

Music is a part of all classes. Band and Choir are available during the school day to students in grades 4-8. Students who choose not to participate in Band or Choir instead participate in a music appreciation class. Concerts are held twice per year, once in the Fall and once in the Spring. The cost for participation in Band or Choir are payable directly to the program directors at the start of each semester. Students are responsible for procuring their own instruments through rental or ownership. In some cases, Immanuel has instruments available to check out. Instrument choices include flute, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, french horn, trombone, and percussion.


Students learn and develop skills and meet technical demands unique to the visual arts. Students learn to use art to express ideas; integrate their understanding of the visual arts by seeking connections and parallels with their beliefs, other arts disciplines, as well as other content areas, and understand the creative process.

Physical Education

All classes take part in physical education. Students learn their unique talents and abilities, enjoy play and fellowship with each other through cooperation and sportsmanship, and learn how to do their best. Students are taught the importance of an active lifestyle and units of sports cover basic rules and motor skills (volleyball, soccer, dancing, kickball, etc.). Classes participate in an annual “block run” and the presidential award for fitness.