Parents have been given the divine injunction to “Bring up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”  A loving God, who wants only the best for our children, gave these directions.  Immanuel Lutheran Church sponsors a Christian day school to aid parents in fulfilling this injunction; that is, to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children of the congregation and the community so that they may grow to love their Savior and see Him as the only means of salvation.  Additionally, faith instilled by the Holy Spirit may become a functional faith during their stay on earth.  When we gather a class around a Christian teacher guiding them with God’s Word, good things happen; Christian character and Christian nurturing occur.

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Documents, Forms & Policies contains current information on enrollment and re-renrollment, parent participation, free and reduced price lunch, and school policies.

Useful Links includes links to external partners including Jupiter Grades, First in Math, TreeRing Yearbooks, and a volunteer group that explores high school options.

The Parent Teacher League is very active and would love your participation.