Panther Sports

Track: The APIAL held it’s small schools track championship this past Tuesday and ILS track athletes did very well.

The JV girls finished in 3rd place with the following girls scoring points: High Jump-Hayden Saul-3rd , 4x100m relay Makayla Flores, Kayleigh Isler, Siena Fluitt, and Taily Delgado-2nd, 100m Dash Siena Fluitt-3rd, Long Jump Makayla Flores-2nd, 800m Medley-4th place, Discus Beth Baum 2nd and Kayleigh Isler 3rd, 4x200m Relay Makayla Flores, Siena Fluitt, Kayleigh Isler, and Hayden Saul-1st, Shot Put Beth Baum-2nd.

The JV Boys finished 9th with the 4x100m team of Jesse Duran, Forest Martin, Aiden Harris, and Benjamin Newlander scoring the only point with a 5th place finish.

The varsity girls finished 2nd only 6 points out of first place. The following girls scored points: High Jump Hannah Adkins-3rd and Kate Thuma 4th, 4x100m relay Alisha Duran, Rhiannon Martin, Kate Thuma and Gabi Smith finished 1st, 100m Dash Rhiannon Martin-1st, Hannah Adkins-2nd, and Dakota Romero-4th, Long Jump Alisha Duran-2nd and Mia Radolinski Jordan-5th, 800m Medley Kate Thuma, Dakota Romero, Hannah Adkins, and Mia Radolinski Jordan-3rd, 200m Dash Madi Calhoun-2nd and Alisha Duran-3rd, 4x200m relay Gabi Smith, Alisha Duran, Rhiannon Martin, and Kate Thuma 1st, Shot Put Gabi Smith-1st and Mia Howe 4th, 4x400m relay Mia Howe, Gabi Smith, Madi Calhoun, and Hannah Adkins 2nd, 800m run Mia Radolinski Jordan-2nd, 1600m run Mia Howe-2nd.

The varsity boys finished 4th in a very close meet. The following varsity boys scored points: High Jump Miguel Cordova-1st, Long Jump Miguel Cordova-2nd and Jakob Duran-4th, 800m Medley Jakob Duran, Dominic Romero, Miguel Cordova, and Luke Mummert-1st, Discus Luke Mummert-1st, 4x200m relay Jakob Duran, Dominic Romero, Jared Martinez, and Miguel Cordova-3rd, 400m Dash Luke Mummert-1st, Shot Put Luke Mummert-1st, Dominic Romero-3rd, and Jakob Duran-5th, 800m run Jared Martinez-3rd.

Congratulations to all of our athletes.