Since its founding in 1924, Immanuel Lutheran Church & School has enjoyed almost 90 years of loyal support from its congregation, alumni, current families, grandparents, parents of alumni, corporate and foundation partners, and neighbors in the community. Philanthropic support helps Immanuel maintain a strong community of teachers and students who seek a Christian worldview, creativity, and achievement in all that they do. The Annual Fund is the school’s fundraising priority and it supports all aspects of our mission.

  • Gifts to the ImmANNUAL Fund are used to support a wide range of operating needs or a specific initiative or department.
  • Tuition revenue accounts for only 90% of the actual cost to educate our students. Gifts to the Annual Fund address the bulk of the difference.



Your gift to the Annual Fund is not set aside for some future wish list. All donations are put to use almost immediately and provide necessary resources for our students and teachers, including keeping tuition at modest levels. Gifts to the Annual Fund provide Immanuel with the resources to enrich our learning environment and to underwrite faculty professional development, curricular and program enhancements, special events and activities (including field trips, athletics, and arts programs), technology, and facilities. The ImmANNUAL Fund donors support financial aid, giving talented and deserving students the opportunity to attend Immanuel and participate in a Christian-missions learning environment.


The ImmANNUAL Fund also provides “dollars where needed most,” for the key priorities that realize our mission to Teach a Changing Christ to a Changing World. It is the bridge between what can be accomplished and what will be accomplished. Unrestricted, immediate-use funds will ensure the success of Immanuel in its next 100 years.


Your participation in the ImmANNUAL Fund – in the form of a tax-deductible gift – is very important and ensures that our children continue to experience the fine education that Immanuel has offered since 1924. Our goal is 100% parent participation in any amount.

Thank you

When combined, many gifts advance the work of Immanuel, its students, faculty, and initiatives. No gift is ever too small or is given without meaning or impact.