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Play It Forward: Building Healthy Bodies, Minds, and Spirit will include a new floor, better lighting, new glass backboards, new padding for both ends of the gym, repair of the bleachers, painting the gym, and moving the court 2-3 feet to the south to provide more space along the bleachers. As you may remember, because the foundation of the building has settled since 1966, last summer we stabilized the south wall. This led to cracks in the floor, which makes this project urgent. It is also expensive – the project will cost about $100,000. The timeframe for the remodel needs to coincide with summer break while the gym is not in use, which gives us only six months to raise the funds.

While this is certainly a daunting task, it also opens up exciting possibilities! This is our chance to renovate the gym as the multipurpose room that it is – with flooring that will be softer on the students’ joints but durable enough that we can set up tables and chairs for events – so that it will last another 50 years!

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I/we will pray that Immanuel's Gym Renovation is completed in a timely fashion and is fully paid for. To this end, I/we intend to contribute the amount listed below (as a lump sum or over the course of January-June 2014) over and above general offerings to this project. Pledges made to the Play It Forward appeal should be donated by June 30, 2014.

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Play It Forward Update

admin : June 25, 2014 12:58 am : Play It Forward, Trumpeter News

There is a story behind the huge number reported as received this past week designated for Play It Forward. The number that you
see today in the “A Measure of Our Love” box is $13,125. Anyone who has been following this figure each week might immediately suspect a typographical error. But the number is not a mistake! We praise God that last week Immanuel received that large amount as we near the end of June and with the end of June the official end of the Play It Forward Capital Fund Appeal to cover the full $100,000 cost of this summer’s gym renovation. The lion’s share of the total received last week actually came from the school’s dinner-auction.  The school’s check to the church designated for PIF was $11,500. We praise God for the dedication of all the families that participated in the March dinner auction and for the way that fundraiser provided for needed books and supplemented the PIF drive at a critical time. The receipts this week for PIF bring the total contributions for this drive to $76,830.04.

In addition to this reported figure, Immanuel also has approximately $4,800 in additional funding for the project—though that amount cannot be added as a “receipt” designated for PIF. Over a decade ago a faithful member contributed a number of shares of a mutual fund. It was designated for our “Build on God’s Blessings” drive. Unfortunately, the value of the fund dropped, and the leaders of the church chose not to use it for that drive. Over the years the fund has regained value…to a value of nearly 250% of the original gift. Please continue to pray that we raise the full $100,000 and do not increase the amount of debt the congregation currently has. Our original plan was to promote PIF for six months, through June 30, and then encourage people to make continued
contributions to our Immanuel debt. We will continue to receive contributions until directed to end the program by the Voters’ Assembly.

Immanuel’s total debt will be reported at our July Voters’ Assembly. But that debt can be estimated.  It is approximately $65,000 with just over $6,000 remaining from the Parish Hall/Church Office/Kindergarten/Preschool building construction in 2005 and just under $59,000 for the renovation of the Youth Ministry Center following the fire in 2008. Wouldn’t it be great to conclude the Gym Project without adding a penny to our debt? Thanks for your prayers and you gifts!

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Play It Forward: Gym Capital Fund Drive Update

admin : May 21, 2014 8:52 am : Giving, Panther Tales, Play It Forward, Trumpeter News

We praise God for every contribution to the Gym Renovation effort! Last week we received $3,040 in cash contributions in addition to a stock donation of an additional $1,544. This brings the actual total that belongs in the “Measure of Our Love” box to $58,036.04. This “updated” total does not include the school’s dinner auction contributions of between $7,000 and $8,000. We just received word that a dedicated parent of one of our ILS students has volunteered to do the welding work needed for the gym bleachers to function properly, thereby reducing significantly the expense that was estimated to repair the bleachers. Please pray as we approach the 2/3 milestone in receipts for this capital fund drive…and as the date approaches for the start of the full-scale renovation in the gym.

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Play It Forward! Gym Remodeling Update

admin : April 24, 2014 3:15 pm : Panther Tales, Play It Forward

If you have not been in the gym lately, I would encourage you to go check out the first stages of the remodeling. We now have all new lights installed which makes the gym much brighter and over Spring Break new insulation was installed on the ceiling which has also brightened things up quite a bit. We are currently getting bids for painting the gym and then right after school is out work will begin on stabilizing the floor and then installing a new floor. At this point we have collected almost $50,000 of the $107,000 we projected for the remodeling. We want to thank all of our ILS families who have contributed to the fund and would encourage anyone who is still considering a gift. We are also in need of someone who has some knowledge about repairing bleachers. We hope to have some work done on them while they are removed for work on their floor. Thank you for your support of this much needed work.

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Play It Forward Update

admin : March 19, 2014 12:29 am : Panther Tales, Play It Forward, Trumpeter News

This week’s “A Measure of Our Love” column in the church newsletter shows that gifts of more than $2,000 were made to the capital fund drive for the gym renovation this past week.  We are now over 1/3 of the way to paying for the renovation in full by summer (but note that we are nearly half way to the summer!).  Our Financial Secretary (who is in charge of the receipts for the PIF appeal) has stated that he has received 29 pledges, now with approximately $15,500 in pledges outstanding.  He also has stated that many people are giving generously and consistently who have not completed and returned pledge forms.  Please pray for and please give as God has prospered you toward this very important capital improvement project so that we can complete the gym renovation before the start of the school year and incur no additional debt…or incurring only minimal debt.

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Play It Forward! Gym Renovation Update

admin : March 1, 2014 4:45 pm : Announcements2, Panther Tales, Play It Forward

God has richly blessed us as many people have joined together to meet this significant challenge of being prepared to pay the full cost of the gym renovation by the time the work is completed this summer.  We have  received $3,450 this past weekend with approximately $70,401.08  yet to be contributed.  We praise God for these commitments, and we invite you to make a pledge if you have not yet done so.

We have already received almost $30,000 in contributions toward the renovation. We have a number of parents who have registered through the website to give a weekly or monthly gift toward the project. However, we still have a long way to go to meet our goal of $100,000.

This project will include a new floor, better lighting, new glass backboards, new padding for both ends of the gym, repair of the bleachers, painting the gym, and moving the court 2-3 feet to the south to provide more space along the bleachers. Any donation toward the gym project will be considered tax deductible, and we will provide you with a letter to verify the donation. The goal is to raise the funds between now and June 1 and complete the work on the gym during the summer of 2014 so that it is ready for the 2014-2015 school year.

If you would like to make a donation you can go to the website and click on donations or you can send your donation into the school office. This year a portion of the money from the dinner/auction will also go to the gym.

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