Endowed funds are permanent funds that are set aside either for a particular purpose or for the general needs of Immanuel. Only the earnings on these funds can be spent; a portion of the earnings is reinvested in the fund each year to ensure growth of the principal and increased earnings in future years. Once an endowment is established it lasts forever.

To endow a fund at Immanuel, please contact us using the form below. Endowment funds require a large initial sum to be invested in order to generate a significant income stream. The minimum required to start a new endowed fund is $5,000, which can be pledged over several years. Anyone making the required minimum gift can start an endowment. This amount can be pledged over several years. Additional donations to an endowment can be made at any time.

To support a current endowment at Immanuel, a gift of any size can be made to support Immanuel in perpetuity.