Girl Scouts News and Reminders

Troop 10272 Dec/Jan News and Reminders:

Saturday, December 14
1-3pm in the Third Grade Classroom
All girls are invited to our Troop Christmas Party!  The theme is Tropical Christmas.  The girls may choose to dress up in tropical clothing if they would like.  All the food will be provided for the party.  The girls should bring items to donate to Joy Junction.  This will serve as the Give 3 for December.  Items for small children that have been requested by Joy Junction include socks, underwear, winter clothing, coats, and toys.  The girls have also voted to spend $200 of the troop’s cookie money to buy some new toys for the children.  We will have those toys to show the girls at the meeting.
The girls have chosen names for a Secret Santa exchange during the party.  The limit for the gift is $10. Please wrap this gift, but don’t put the giver’s name, just the receiver’s.  The girls love guessing who gave them their presents!  Please let me know if your daughter needs to reminder of who she is chose.

Friday, December 20
Family Outing to the River of Lights
The troop has voted to meet at the Biopark at 6:30 pm to enjoy the River of Lights. We will meet at the entrance to the Botanical Gardens.  This is a family event and all are welcome.  Please see for information on admission prices, parking, etc.

Saturday, January 11
Cookie Rally at St. Stephens Church(4601 Juan Tabo NE)
Time TBA, but will between the hours of 10am – 2pm
It’s a Cookie Rally!  Let’s get ready for a great cookie season!  The girls will review and learn all about cookies and running a business!  They will each receive their 2013 Cookie Pin for attending.  The troop will cover the cost of this event.  Please RSVP to Lisa before Friday of this week so that we can get registered.  Once we are registered, we will communicate the exact time for drop off/pick up.  Thanks!

Saturday, January 25
1pm – 3pm in the Third Grade Classroom
Regular Troop Meeting

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!  Remember that Jesus was born for you!