Fourth Grade Feature

The fourth grade class is a very special group of young people. We have 14 students in our class this year, and they have done an amazing job learning to manage their time wisely. They work hard during class to complete assignments, and they also ask fantastic questions. I am extremely proud of this group of students. I know they will be able to accomplish tremendous things this year. In science, the students are working on their science fair projects. The students have some awesome ideas for their projects. It is quite exciting to hear what the students are learning from their research. You will be able to view their projects at the Education Fair in January. This year Immanuel adopted Gustavo Santa Maria Alavi from Compassion International. Gustavo is 9 years old and lives in the country of Bolivia. As a school, we are supporting Gustavo financially through gifts collected during the first quarter. We are also supporting Gustavo through prayer. Currently, our class is working on letters to Gustavo. We look forward to getting to know Gustavo as the year progresses through our letter exchanges. We are also excited to be prayer partners with the kindergarten class this year. We will spend time praying with our kindergarten friends while getting to know them. Our kindergarten friends are very special to us. We love seeing them during the school day and enjoy playing together at recess. We are thankful for the opportunity to be positive role models for our kindergarten friends.   We look forward to a wonderful year of learning together.