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Immanuel has a very active youth ministry program, with after-school youth groups beginning in Grade 3 and continuing through early college age. The youth ministry program has five initiatives, all of which incorporate activities that lead youth toward a lifelong servant focus.

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Youth Group News

admin : February 27, 2017 3:11 pm : Panther Tales, Youth Desk

The Immanuel Lutheran Church Youth Ministry Team sponsors a number of groups that we encourage our ILS students to participate in. The Youth Ministry Team has youth groups for 3rd through 8th grade Immanuel students. We hope all of our ILS students will take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about their Savior and fellowship with fellow Christians.

ILS Youth Groups are:

Crazy Christians (3rd/ 4th grade)—Mary Halberg—meets the last Tuesday of each month. The next meeting is Tuesday, February 28.

Dynamic Disciples (5th/6th grade) meets the 4th Thursday of each month—next meeting February 23 at 3:15 in Youth Center.

7th/8th Grade Youth SOS—Jessey and Paul Cherne-Durkin—meets one Friday each month, next meeting Friday, March 24.

Girls’ Club—Mary Halberg and Sarah Boucher—Girls’ Club will next meet Tuesday, February 14 at 3:15 in the Youth Center. and Tuesday, February 21 for their Tea Party

Boys’ Club—meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Meetings are held in the Youth Center at 3:30.

Upcoming Events: Crazy Christians, Tuesday, February 28 at 3:05 Youth Center

Contact information 

Crazy Christians: Mary Halberg 262-0226.

Dynamic Disciples: Laniya Howe 237-9339 ILSDynamicDisciples

7th/8th Grade: Jessey Cherne 604-2725.

Girls’ Club: Mary Halberg, 262-0226.

Boys’ Club: We are in need of an adult male sponsor for Boys’ Club; contact 243-2589.

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Senior Youth Fundraiser

admin : September 25, 2015 1:21 pm : Panther Tales, Senior High Youth

“We got flamingoed!”

“I want to be flamingoed!”

“How do you flamingo someone else?”

“My flamingo flock looked so pretty!”

These are about to become some of the “Words from the Pews” at ILC. Our ILC Senior Youth will be kicking off their year-long fundraising events for the 2016 LCMS National Youth Gathering with a new twist! Flocks of Pink Flamingos may soon be in your future. You can have a friend or family member “Flamingoed.” Flamingo flocks come in various sizes (small, medium and large). If you would like more information on ordering a “Flamingoing,” please contact Mary Boucher at 379-2965 or

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From the Youth Desk

admin : March 26, 2014 6:14 pm : Senior High Youth, Trumpeter News, Youth Desk

Rise and shine and give God the glory! The start of spring always makes me think of this saying. The flowers coming out, more hours of sunshine, and the sounds of birds in the morning. Spring is a time for new life. Jesus died to give us new life. He created us, and saved us, and loves us- and that is something to be excited about. Wake up each morning holding to this truth and be a light for God and praise Him! May God bless your week as you thank Him for the new life He’s given you. (Devon Moore)

For the past few weeks, Sr. Youth has been collecting donations for 30 Hour Famine. We are so grateful for all the support our Immanuel church family is giving us in our efforts to help God’s precious children who struggle with poverty, hunger, and disease in the world. We are thankful for the $778 we have received so far. If you have not had a chance to be a part of this life saving program, you may do so until April 6.

Sr. Youth invites all of our Immanuel friends and families to an upcoming special event.  Please join us for Easter Sunrise Service and Breakfast on Easter. Sr. Youth has led the Worship for the Sunrise Service for over a decade. Our young people are anxious, honored, and humbled to get up really early and lead the celebration of our Lord’s Resurrection. Following Worship, Sr. Youth will serve Easter Breakfast.  A Free Will offering is appreciated. We hope our whole Immanuel family will join us to celebrate the greatest thing that ever happened for us: Jesus’ defeat of death and the devil. (Take-n-Bake burritos will be available after service on Saturday, April 19.)

Karaoke machine needed:  Senior Youth is planning a Karaoke night in April; unfortunately, we do not have a Karaoke machine. If you have a machine that you would be willing to lend to the SY for an evening, please contact Mary Boucher, 379-2965.

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From the Youth Desk

admin : February 19, 2014 3:44 pm : Trumpeter News, Youth Desk

Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God.” Sometimes life gets really busy and it’s easy to get caught up in the little things. It’s easy to get caught up doing this project, and planning this event, and going to this or that, and when you finally sit down, you realize you haven’t even taken a breath. You run from this to that and you don’t really do anything. Have you served someone else today? Have you spent time reading the Bible and praying? Have stopped to take a moment to just say thank you? Sometimes we need to press the pause button on everything else and just rest in knowing who God is. As the verse says we need to just be. We need to rest in the truth that we are loved and cherished by an awesome God, and then let that truth direct our steps as God would will. May God bless your week as you thank Him for the peace He provides.

(Devon Moore)

Senior Youth will be participating in the 30 Hour Famine to support World Vision on March 21-22. If you would like to be a part of this amazing program, Senior Youth will be available after services on March 1-2 and March 8-9 to accept your donations.

Upcoming events: SY Dinner/Game Night—2/22, 6 pm; Crazy Christians—2/25, 3 pm; Dynamic Disciples—2/26, 3 pm

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From the Youth Desk

admin : February 12, 2014 12:31 am : Trumpeter News, Youth Desk

In nursing school we have high stakes testing. You either pass and continue on in the program or you fail and you’re out. You have to be good enough. Thank goodness our salvation isn’t high stakes. God doesn’t promise salvation if we do good enough, if we make the cut. We don’t have to earn it, we can’t. We’d always fail. God gives us His grace, mercy, and salvation because of His amazing love for us, and because Jesus won it on the cross. So you see, no matter what you do, you’ve passed. You get to keep going, and at the end of the path Heaven awaits. May God bless your week as you thank Him for winning for you, and for your salvation being a gift.  (Devon Moore)


Senior Youth will be participating in the 30 Hour Famine to support World Vision on March 21-22. If you would like to be a part of this amazing program, Senior Youth will be available after services on March 1-2 and March 8-9 to accept your donations.

Upcoming events: Girls’ Club Valentine Tea—2/18; 3 pm; SY Dinner/Game Night—2/22, 6 pm

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Immanuel’s Christian Youth Groups:

Crazy Christians

This group of 3rd & 4th graders meets monthly after school. Service project highlights include items like creating a “Blessing Tree” to adorn the church and school campus.

Dynamic Disciples

This group of 5th & 6th graders meets monthly after school for fellowship and faith activities. Service projects included making Christmas care and craft packages for kids at the Good Shepherd home and writing letters to support military members serving in combat zones.

Girls Club

This group of middle school students is designed for young women to learn how to be grace-filled. The group meets monthly and service projects have included visiting patients at the hospital, making blankets for poor children in Mexico, making cookies for people experiencing homelessness, and reaching out to younger girls. For example, this group annually hosts a Valentine’s Day tea party for their “little sisters.” They also reach out to the school family with messages regarding anti-bullying, inclusion and exclusion, and suicide, and to their own families with an annual Mother’s Day tea in which they create tributes to their moms to express their appreciation.

Mid-Youth Group

This group of middle school boys and girls meets twice monthly. Service activities have included traveling to Angel Fire, NM, for a week-long servant trip, where servant activities included working at the Santa Fe Food Depot, helping clear a very ill gentleman’s land of dead trees and brush, creating hiking trails, rehabilitating a butterfly garden, and helping with landscaping of a church in Angel Fire.

Senior Youth League

This group of high school youth meets twice monthly. Some service highlights include impromptu Christmas caroling at the hospital; making care packages for the homeless, which include food, water, socks, and a Bible verse; serving at campus workdays and additionally supporting the congregation by leading worship services, cooking and serving meals for church members, hosting youth mini-gatherings for churches in Albuquerque, and serving as youth leaders from the annual Vacation Bible School; serving at Good Shepherd and the Storehouse, both of which are organizations that support the homeless and the hungry in Albuquerque; and raising awareness and money for starving children all over the world by participating in the 30-Hour Famine. The 30-Hour Famine is an international initiative in which students go without food for 30 hours, opening their eyes to a world of hunger, poverty, injustice, and hope. In the ILC senior youth, servant activities during the 30-Hour Famine include cleaning up the Immanuel church and school campus, going on a scavenger hunt for canned goods to benefit the Storehouse, and – when the youth are at their hungriest – serving food to the homeless at the Good Shepherd facility. The youth also learn about and discuss hunger in America. Since our senior youth began participating in the 30-Hour Famine, they have raised approximately $20,000 to combat hunger.