Education Fair

Congratulations to all of the students who completed a Science Fair, Geography Fair, or National History Day project. The judges were very impressed with all of the hard work that went in to them. We especially want to recognize the following winners, they include: Science Fair- 2nd grade: 3rd place Rayanna Gallegos, 2nd place Alyssa Romero, and 1st place Andrew James; 4th grade: 3rd place Nicole Kelley, 2nd place Beatrice Westerfield, 1st place Kylie Rich; middle school: 3rd place Mia Radolinski-Jordan, 2nd place Jacob Rockman, 1st place Matthaeus Steinhoff; National History Day- 3rd place Madelyn Pallulat, 2nd place Jesse Duran, 1st place Taily Delgado. The following students also qualified for the National History Day regional competition: Christian King, Iliana Archuleta, Mia Howe, Chrystal Cook, Gideon Bowen, Mikayla Flores, and Haley Brenner. Geography Fair winners include: 3rd place Justin Duran, 2nd place Phoenix Wells, 1st place Nathan Prentice, and Honorable Mention Matthew Goff and Sterling Salter. Congratulations to all of our winners. We also want to thank all of our judges!