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Pastor Walquist’s Retirement Celebration is April 17

admin : March 7, 2016 9:09 pm : Announcements, Church Life, Panther Tales, Trumpeter News

We hope all of our Immanuel families will join us to celebrate Pastor and Mrs. Walquist’s retirement on April 17. Reserve your spot by April 1! The invitation is attached here: WalquistRetirement.  There are also copies in the church narthex area, in Stuart Seis’ drawer in the Parish Hall reception area, as well as the church office.  Please note that reservations will be taken until April 1st.  The Marriot Pyramid requires our final attendance number by Friday April 1st.  If you have any questions, direct them to Florence Seis: 385-7139, Annette Jordan: 344-9344, or the church office: 242-0616.  Thank you!

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Celebrating Mrs. Henckel, by Pastor Walquist

admin : January 27, 2015 10:49 pm : Panther Tales, Pastor's Study, Trumpeter News

It was another wonderful celebration at Immanuel on Sunday!  Former ILS students and their families, former faculty members, and others who had worked with Mellodie Henckel in the past joined Mellodie’s closest family members, the current ILS faculty, and many people who are in the Immanuel family in giving thanks to Mellodie for her service and thanking God for that service.  Mellodie summed it up in her remarks at the end of the celebration when she said, “Immanuel is a family.”

That is an excellent way to describe what God has given us here at Immanuel congregation and school.  We really are part of a family—members of the Body of Christ and joy-filled coworkers committed to advancing His Cause.  As we were cleaning up following the program, one person said, “We heard some very heart-felt speeches today!”  That’s the way it is with family.  We open our hearts to one another.  When one member of the family experiences a life-change, it touches all the other members of the family.  In addition, we care for the well-being of one another.  In the family of faith we love God because He first loved us…and as fellow believers we are confident that we have every reason to love one another.

Thanks to all who attended, to all who helped set up and clean up, and to all who contributed to the abundance of food that we shared.  Special appreciation to Mary Boucher (who has worked with Mellodie in many ways in the past, but who has in recent years teamed with her to make the payroll process accurate and effective).  Mary spearheaded the effort, both for the potluck preparation and for the program.

I counted about 120 people who were present Sunday…and I praise God for the impact that Mellodie has made here at Immanuel.  I also praise God for the commitment of all who came to say “thanks.”  You who came know how important it is for every member of the family of faith to support and care for one another.

We are all aware that this support and care must be motivated by the God who has brought us all together.  We are not wise enough to bring about the correct attitude on our own.  God must motivate it and God must guide us in the best way to live out His love in community.

We look to Him with gratitude for all He has done for us up to this point.  And we look to Him in complete dependence for all that we need in the future.  May He build up His Church that we might touch many people with the Good News of Jesus!

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A Word from Pastor Walquist

admin : January 7, 2015 2:04 am : Pastor's Study, Trumpeter News

What a wonderful gift God gave us in the Incarnation!  What a wonderful gift God continues to give us in the united response of the Immanuel family to the Savior’s coming!  The last Trumpeter of 2014 indicated that we were $21,000 short of the budgeted amount for the year with only eight days left in 2014,  Over $30,000 came in for the general fund!  In addition an ILS alumnus who moved out of state many years ago sent a gift for the Adopt-A-Student emphasis of $4,000 because he so appreciated the Christ-centered education he received here.

We are blessed with a unique partnership of people who love the Lord and who love Immanuel’s ministry of teaching and proclaiming a changeless Christ to a changing world.  God motivates people from many places and many stations in life to support Immanuel’s mission and ministry!  We praise God for His goodness to us!

Specific figures will be distributed at our Voters’ Assembly the end of January.  Then we’ll know for sure where we ended the year from a financial standpoint.  But it is clear that wherever we are financially, we are certainly “together” in our desire to support Christian education and Christian outreach through this congregation and school.  I praise God for you and for all of the people who are one in faith and faithful in service in this very large “Immanuel family.”

As we consider where God is taking us as His people in this family, it is important to mention two celebrations.  At the end of this month, we celebrate the faithful service of Mellodie Henckel.  Mellodie has been a stabilizing influence in the school office during the tenure of three of Immanuel’s school principals!  If you know anything about Immanuel, you will know that working with three principals means that this person has been here a LONG time.  The figure is actually over 24!  After more than 24 years, Mellodie has retired from her position in the school office.  The title “secretary” does not begin to describe the work she has done (her “jobs” have included “school mother,” de-facto nurse, payroll “clerk,” tuition bill collector, greeter, school tour guide, Panther Tales printer, and a host of other duties, always “as mutually agreed,” of course!)

Immanuel celebrates her service with a potluck and program on Sunday, January 25, beginning at about 12:15 PM (right after dismissal of the 10:45 service).  Please join us for this celebration!

Another celebration I’d like to mention is a few years off yet.  I’m thinking about our 100th Anniversary as a congregation.  Technically, work began here in 1914.  But in 1918 the church sanctuary was completed and in 1919 we formally organized with a constitution that was accepted by the LCMS.  The decision was made to mark the 50th Anniversary in 1968.  So we are following that thinking and making plans to celebrate Immanuel’s 100th Anniversary in 2018.

We don’t intend to celebrate bricks and mortar, but especially people.  Annette Jordan has already been busy with preliminary planning for the 2018 celebration, and she asked me to ask you for help.  Can you help us identify families who have been part of the Immanuel family for numerous generations?  Please share your knowledge with Annette or with me!  It would be wonderful if you could write or print out the names of all the members of these families who have ”multi-generational” ties with Immanuel.  Thanks!

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Adult Information Class Starts 9/13

admin : August 27, 2014 6:17 pm : Announcements, Trumpeter News

Panther families are always welcome to take adult instruction in the Lutheran church. Contact Pastor Walquist at 242-0616 or email for more information! Below is his column in this week’s Trumpeter (church newsletter) with information about the class.

By now I hope that everyone who reads this column knows that our next Adult Information Class is scheduled to begin on Saturday, September 13, at 3 PM.  Why do I hope that everyone knows about it?  So that you can pray for it and so that you can invite others to join you in coming.

An incident warmed my heart right after I made the first announcement about the class.  I made the announcement after services and the information was not in the worship folder because I had established the start date and time with two students after the worship folder was completed.  A high school student approached me after the service to confirm the date and time for the service.  I asked him, “While I’m happy to share this information with you, why are you asking for it?”  His answer: “Because I have a friend at school who seems very interested in religions, and I think he might want to come to this class.”

I hope our high school member is right about this friend’s interest in attending.  But even if the friend is not particularly interested, I am especially proud of the young man for his eagerness to invite a friend to attend!

Perhaps there is someone in your circle of friends who would respond positively to an invitation to join you for this series of classes on Saturday afternoons beginning September 13.  Everyone needs to know the Bible’s teachings, and this class is a great way to get started.

Please consider extending an invitation to anyone you know who is not currently attending a church.  We never know what is happening in a person’s life that might nudge them toward an acceptance of such an invitation.  We will never know if they would say “Yes” unless we ask them.

I often suggest that when you invite a friend that you offer to attend the entire class (or at least the first several sessions) with your friend.  That’s because your invitation may come across as a daunting challenge to people who don’t have any other acquaintances at Immanuel.  After attending several sessions, those fears generally recede.  But at first it is wise to offer to come to the class with your friend.  Thank you for extending invitations to family members, coworkers, friends and neighbors!  It is estimated that approximately 80% of the people who join a church first attended that church as a result of a personal invitation!

Immanuel occasionally receives new members as the result of a transfer from another LCMS congregation.  But more members are added to the Immanuel family by means a profession of faith after attending an Adult Information Class.

When we know God’s love, it is only natural for us to want other people to know about that love, also!  Thank you for praying for this coming class, for observing in the next week or two the people around you who might not be going to church—and for being ready to invite them to our next class!  God bless you in your sharing!

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Church News

admin : August 20, 2014 5:24 pm : Trumpeter News


We congratulate Elizabeth Pflieger on her recent award of a $500 scholarship from the Rocky Mountain District LWML. She is heading to Concordia University, Portland, this week and is preparing to be a teacher.

State Fair Support

As all worshipers heard this past weekend, there are several ways we can support Immanuel’s State Fair booth this year: 1) Sign up to staff the booth, visiting with people who come by and helping distribute information about our congregation, our denomination, and (most important) our Savior!  2) Help in the assembly of the beautiful yellow bags that are distributed at the fair (last year we handed out over 9,000 bags!)  3) Donate items available at the booth for the “drawing.”  4) Give a financial gift to support the cost of the booth and all materials (the first $1,500 in gifts will be matched!).  Thanks for your support. Last year 90 members and friends gave significant personal support in addition to the entire congregation providing prayer support.

Ladies Aid/LWML


We are having our first and very important meeting of the new year! Please meet with us Thursday, September 4th at 11:30 in the Parish Hall for Bible Study, lunch and planning.  We are honored that the LWML Fall Rally will also be held at Immanuel on Saturday, September 13th with registration to begin at 8:30AM. Our theme for the Rally is “Grounded in Christ.” Fellow district LWML members will join us to share mission ideas, pray, study and celebrate that we are Lutheran Women in Mission. Our September 4th meeting will be a critical time for us to complete our plans for the Rally. Please make plans to join us on September 4th and September 13th.

New Adult Information Class Forming

We are pleased to announce the formation of a new Adult Information Class, scheduled to begin on Saturday, September 13, in the Parish Hall. This 10-lesson class usually lasts 10 weeks, meeting each Saturday between 3 PM and 4:30 PM. There is no charge for this class, which covers the foundational teachings of the Christian faith. At the completion of the class, if desired, membership in the Lutheran Church and Immanuel congregation is an option. Please speak with Pastor Walquist for more information or to express a desire for child care during the class.

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