Bearing Fruit, by Mr. Angell

It is spring, although this week it feels a lot more like summer! It is time for the birds to sing, the grass to turn green, the flowers to bloom, the trees to blossom, and the garden to grow. Spring also brings back memories of the Peach Tree. Located smack in the middle of our backyard in Salt Lake City (making mowing a pain, by the way) stood the bane of my existence. Every year we would prune, we would water, we would fertilize, treating that tree with tender loving care. Unfortunately, we found that the peach tree had a mind of its own. Sometimes it would bear fruit, more than we could ever possibly use, and sometimes we would get five peaches if we were lucky. Until the day we moved, that peach tree remained one of the great mysteries of the ages.

Jesus also teaches about bearing fruit. In Luke 13: 1-9 He tells the parable of the fig tree. A man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard, which did not bear fruit. The man decided that he would cut the tree down. However the gardener told the man to wait one year during which he would water and fertilize the tree, and if it still did not bear fruit, the man could cut it down. We sinners are that fig tree and the law (the owner) accuses us and would cut us down, but Jesus (the gardener) has intervened for us through his death and resurrection. However, as redeemed children of God we should bear fruit (acts of love and kindness). The parable teaches us that, like our peach tree, if you don’t bear fruit you’re going to get cut down… Sorry, I got a little too law oriented there. The parable, however, does teach us that in response to the love of Jesus Christ and His actions for us, we should reach out to others in love and concern. We too should bear fruit!