Immanuel is a member of the Albuquerque Parochial Interscholastic Athletic League (A.P.I.A.L.). The league supports Varsity, Junior Varisty (JV), and C teams in volleyball and basketball; for cross country, track, and golf, there are varsity and JV divisions. There are no divisions in flag football and tennis. All students in grades 5th through 8th are eligible to participate in athletic activities as long as they meet eligibility requirements, including academic eligibility.

Fall Season

Tennis (boys and girls) August-October

Golf (boys and girls) August-October; separate fees apply

Cross Country (boys and girls) August-October

Volleyball (girls) August-October

Flag Football (boys) August-October

Winter Season

Basketball (girls) October-December

Basketball (boys) January-March

Spring Season

Track (boys and girls) March-May

Golf (boys and girls) March-May; separate fees apply