Welcome to Immanuel Lutheran School!

Welcome to Immanuel Lutheran Church and School in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Immanuel Lutheran Church has a long history of supporting Christian education, “Teaching a Changeless Christ in a Changing World.” For over nine decades the congregation has supported Christian education with it’s time, talents, and teasures. The congregation is committed to providing a quality Christian education to the children of the congregation, our sister congregations, and the Albuquerque community.

Immanuel Lutheran School is accredited by the National Lutheran Schools Accreditation program and the state of New Mexico. ILS was also recognized in 2007 as a Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education. The faculty members are all licensed teachers by the State of New Mexico, and continue to take classes and workshops that help them grow in their profession. The curriculum follows or exceeds state curriculum guidelines and challenges students to grow academically, physically, emtionally, and most importantly, spiritually.

At Immanuel Lutheran School we view Christian education as a partnership between home and school. We believe that we must work together with our families to ensure that God’s children are nourished spiritually through the use of God’s Word daily in the classroom. We also believe that the children placed in our care must be nourished academically through a challenging curriculum that recognizes each child as a unique individual with different gifts, abilities, and needs that must be identified and developed. Finally, God’s children are nourished physically through a well-planned physical education curriculum and the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular sports.

Why choose Immanuel Lutheran School? ILS is committed to providing your child with a quality Christian education. More importantly Immanuel Lutheran School allows your child to study God’s Word daily, to see how it relates to other areas of the curriculum and incorporate that message into his or her daily life. A committed congregation, a dedicated faculty and staff, supportive parents, caring students, and a family atmosphere make ILS a place where your child can grow in knowledge and faith.

As you consider a school home for your child, we encourage you to visit Immanuel Lutheran School. Contact the school office and we will be glad to arrange a time for you to visit the classroom, make an appointment to speak with the classroom teacher, as well as with the principal. We want you and your child to know and understand what Immanuel Lutheran School is all about before you make a decision. We feel that our program will speak for itself. We wish you and your family God’s blessing as you make this most important decision, and if it is His Will, look forward to the privilege of serving you and your child in the future.

Yours in Christ,

P. Mark Angell, Principalmr-angell300



Core Values

  • Promote respectful and caring attitudes among students, parents, and faculty.
  • Encourage and promote intellectual growth of students in a Christ-centered environment.
  • Encourage and promote servanthood, an intentional life of faith, to God and community.
  • Equip students to be disciples who are growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Encourage responsibility and accountability among students, parents, faculty, and community.




Our school is located in the historic Huning Highland District of downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico. The neighborhood is the first subdivision of Albuquerque — platted the same month as the coming railroad — and Immanuel was one of its first neighbors. Founded in 1914, Immanuel has since grown to almost an entire city block and has proclaimed a changeless Christ to a changing world ever since. Immanuel Lutheran School has served as a mission arm of Immanuel Lutheran Church since 1924, when it began in a house near the church. East downtown is bustling with activity and we use downtown as a classroom, with multiple performance, library, and museum venues within walking distance. Our campus offers a historic sanctuary, a renovated original school building from 1934, a two-story elementary and middle school built in 1958 that includes a renovated gym and commercial kitchen, and a beautiful early childhood facility that was added in 2007.




In 2007, Immanuel Lutheran School was named a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, one of only 50 private schools nationwide to receive this award. The school was selected for this award on the basis of the school’s achievement test scores being in the top 10% in the nation. Blue_Ribbon_Logo_2007

Immanuel Lutheran School is fully accredited by the State of New Mexico and the National Lutheran Schools Association.

Church Life

The Christian faith is central to everything that we teach and do at Immanuel Lutheran School. Our Christian faith is not only taught during daily religion classes or weekly chapel, but it is integrated into the study of every subject area and all facets of student life. Students are immersed in a Christian atmosphere, surrounded by teachers, administrators, and school employees, who embody the Christian faith and seek to model a Christian lifestyle.

Immanuel Lutheran School is a ministry of Immanuel Lutheran Church. The congregation is dedicated to providing a quality Christian education for all students. Please join us for worship, Sunday school, and Bible study. It is operated by Immanuel Lutheran Church. Immanuel Lutheran Church is a member congregation of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS).

The LCMS believes that the purpose of Christian education is not solely to prepare people for life in this world, but more importantly to “make people wise unto salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.” (1 Timothy 3:15) Immanuel Lutheran School is a school with a mission, but it is more than that. The members of Immanuel Lutheran Church consider the school to be a mission, a part of the overall ministry of the church to its members and the community.

Sunday Morning Services – 8:15am and 10:45am

Education Hour – 9:30am

Saturday Evening Contemporary Service – 5:00pm

Saturday School – 4:00pm

School Chapel – Wednesday 8:30